Building engineering teams


We craft robust engineering teams that resonate with your vision and business needs, ensuring success at every development phase.

Why particles


Dedicated PM:

Benefit from our experienced PM for synchronization, effective communication, and proactive risk mitigation in international teams.

Strategic Assembly:

Strategically match individuals to ensure a harmonious, high-performing team aligned with your project requirements.

Complete Project Lifecycle Support:

From assembly to delivery, Particles ensures aligned teams, meeting milestones, and maintaining quality.

Culture & Value Alignment:

Emphasis on matching engineers not only for skill fit but also for cultural and value alignment with your company.

Scalable Solutions:

Adjust your engineering team with flexibility as your project evolves, expanding, specializing, or adapting to changing needs.

How to start
4 simple steps

01Initial call & requirements validation

Engage in a detailed discussion with our Co-founder and a Tech Expert to grasp your vision and team requirements strategically and technically.

02Strategic Team Profiling:

We initiate our strategic team-building process, coordinated by our profound PM. Start with a senior or a lead role, building a cohesive team around them. Tailor our approach to your unique requirements for efficient team synergy.

03Interviews & Selection:

Choose your involvement level. We ensure experienced team members align with your project needs, tech demands and company culture.

04Team Integration & Kick-off:

Build a scrum team in 1-1.5 months. We ensure a smooth integration process, culminating in a kick-off to jumpstart your project.

+Ongoing Support & Management:

From performance monitoring to seamless communication, Particles remains your technology partner, ensuring peak efficiency for your engineering team.

success stories



Client confidentiality is paramount and specifics are generalized to honor our non-disclosure commitments.


Specialized financial services, primarily in payments regulation for top-tier global institutions.


Swiftly provide a bespoke Scrum team adept in tackling complex financial software projects.

Team Composition and Rapid Mobilization:

A balanced unit comprised of 3 Back-End Engineers, 2 Front-End Developers, 1 QA Specialist, and 1 DevOps Engineer.

Built and deployed the team within a stringent 1-month deadline, under close internal PM's guidance.

A Lead Back-End Engineer served as the principal communication conduit between the client and the development team.

An internal Particles' PM coordinated the team's efforts, ensuring their operations were aligned with the customer’s protocols.


The Customer’s project execution was significantly bolstered by the timely delivery of a well-equipped and proficient Scrum team.

The right team will pivot your project from good to outstanding

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